Julee Cruise - Falling

1 day ago on 20 October 2014
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I wanna tell you
How much
I love you

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lets do it (lets fall in love); a playlist for an old-fashioned love affair //[listen] [download]

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When you kiss me heaven sighs, and though I close my eyes 
I see La Vie En Rose 

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froot || marina and the diamonds (+)

living la dolce vita, life couldn’t get much sweeter
don’t you give me a reason that it’s not the right season
babe, i love you a lot, i’ll give you all i’ve got
yeah you know that it’s true, i’ve been saving all my summers for you

1 week ago on 12 October 2014
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SHE // a “fuck you” to everyone who thinks girls shouldn’t sing rock music

listen here

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Genesis - Grimes

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